Monday, January 4, 2010

I Love Old Quilt Patterns

A few years back, I was blessed to inherit quite a few older quilting magazines and books in pristine condition and even though I had to travel north of Seattle to pick them up, it was worth the ride and I was going to be in Seattle that day anyway.........

For the longest time, they sat neatly stacked in my basement and then I went through each magazine and decided which ones I wanted to keep and which patterns I wanted to use and the rest I sold on Ebay, gave away to some quilters I knew and even gave some to the local pre-school.
I love this table runner by Cindy Taylor called, 'Dash Away Runner.' I found it on page 23 of the 1991 Quilt World Christmas magazine and just fell in love with it. Back in 1991, I wasn't even quilting or knew how to quilt, so I didn't even know this magazine or pattern existed until a few years ago.
I made a few modifications to mine. Cindy's was 25" x 47" with an inner and outer border. Mine is 16" x 47" with a single border. Cindy's had a moon and a star on it, I only used the star and mine was made without batting. I also embellished the two lead reindeer with red bows around their necks. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just don't tell Dasher and Dancer!

It has been neatly ironed, folded and placed in my seasonal quilt box until next Christmas.

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