Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It is never to early to reach out!

Can you believe it, we are almost to the half way point between January and Christmas and as each summer approaches, I start thinking about Christmas for the kids that go without and how many of us living below our norms, think only of ourselves.
You can help and you can make a difference this year by becoming involved with Angel Tree Ministries in several ways. Donations to Angel Tree directly, get your church involved or find out the local church in your area and ask them how to help.
Many of you know that this is close to my heart because of my sons situation and how much his children look forward to receiving something from him each year and if they had nothing under the tree but what Angel Tree provides, it would be okay with them.
But did you know that more that 1.7 million kids have one or both parents in prison? Did you know that besides Christmas, Angel Tree sponsors kids for Christian summer camps? They also do what they can to keep parents and their children close to each other.
Every year, Angel Tree delivers gifts and personal messages to the children from their parents. Want to see a childs face light up? Let them receive a gift where they are called a pet nickname only by the parent in prison and that name shows up on their gift! I know, last year, the kids were amazed!
Kids don't ask to have a parent in prison. They don't particularly like going to prison to visit when they can or only being able to read letters or talk on the phone. These are the crime victims, the children of prisoners. Don't let them be forgotten this year.
Angel Tree has a huge job at hand this year, they want to serve 400,000 prisoners children this Christmas, but to do that, they need 8,500 churches, thousands of volunteers and donations.
Won't you help them help these children?
Contact 1-800-552-6435 or go online at Angel Tree and see what you can do. The look on the face of the children is so worth the effort and money you put forth, you will never forget it!

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