Sunday, July 11, 2010

Help! We Are Getting A Kitty

As a child the only cats we had were barnyard cats & I didn't pay much attention to them unless it was time to feed them. Growing up, we had 2 dogs total and a few years back, we lost our beloved Boxer we had for so many years.

Our home and yard is small, so when a friend told my grands she had kittens, they wanted to see them and Papa agreed to letting them have one. I know they need to see the vet right away and again in a few months for shots & spaying...I know we need a litter box, toys and scratching post...but aside from that, what do you do to prevent them for scratching the furniture apart, climbing all over the cabinets, etc.?

I have a friend years ago who had 3 beautiful cats and the moment food was on the counter, the cats helped themselves...they would even out of the crock pot & I can't allow for that! Another friend couldn't leave anything on her counter because the cats would eat through it.

I am also worried about our 2 tortoises, if the cat will try to eat them??

Do I need to put my knickknacks away or will they be okay? I just don't want to come home and find my house has been destroyed.

Help! I am open to suggestions!


ytsmom said...

Since no one else has commented, maybe I can help. Since these are kittens, I would reccomend that you make them strictly indoor cats and have them declawed. As for getting on the counters an such, if you around the house most of the time, that helps, since you can work with them. Use a spray bottle an squirt them with a little water when they something you don't like. Hopefully, that will help. Also, if you feed them only cat food, and not table scraps, they should be less likley to jump on the counters. Carmen

Rannyjean said...

Carman, thank you for the info. We also learned today, they can squeek out of tiny spaces!