Monday, November 29, 2010

Making A List....

Today, I am making a list....but not one for Santa, I am taking Joyce Meyer's advice and making a list of all the trials over my life God has allowed me to shine through. It is a good thing to do as I am always the one on our prayer team asking for the praise reports after the prayer requests.

It is much like working with 911 Cares, Kevin puts out the activations, I make quilts, others reach out and when the dust clears, rarely do I ever know how the person is doing. Don't get me wrong,I have received many thank you letters for my quilts, but many more I never even know if they received them or not!

As Joyce says, keep a journal of the challenges and the victories and see just how much God has done in our lives.

  1. At the age of around a year and a half or able to walk on my own, my parents began to notice I was 'different' from other children...I ran around the table and they spooned food into my mouth as I ran, I didn't sleep well, I was always on the go. Turns out I had an duct pumping blood to my heart and if not taken care of my heart would continue to enlarge and I would die. Not the news first time parents want to hear.
Victory came when Deborah Heart Institute stepped up to the plate in 1958 and performed my surgery free of
charge to my parents. Today, the problem I had, is noticed quickly and disappears with medication.

2. In 2000, I was rapidly wasting away. I woke up one morning with chest pain and would up several short
weeks later having lost 25 pounds and the weight kept falling, I couldn't keep food in or down, I had more
Barium breakfasts then I want to think about and test after test after test, failed to show what was going on.

Victory came when an ultrasound technician laid me on my side and discovered my gall bladder was
completely filled with gallstones and all the tests had proven negative. Surgery was two days later and
I am much much better!

3. In 2002 on the way to unemployment for my youngest son, a drunk ran a red light and hit my car so hard
the airbags deployed, my brakes failed and we spun around and came to rest in on going traffic. The car was
never the same after that.

Victory came in the fact neither one of us was hurt badly.

4. In 2005/2006, I had 3 of my 4 sons in prison. I was devastated, depressed and depleted. I questioned why God
would allow something like this to happen to parents.

Victory came one night when I realized I knew where all of my sons were, they had a roof over their head and
food in their stomachs and it might not have been where I wanted them, but I had nothing to do with this and
as a parent I didn't have to like their actions, but I still had to love them.

These are just a few of the many victories God has brought me through and while I muddle through it all and have some bouts of depression, I am very thankful to God for being with me through all my trials.

From now on, I am just going to make a list of Gods victories in my life!


autumnesf said...

An amazing list it is.

All of my life challenges have been small to date although I can see Gods hand in hindsight in many things. And if I'm truthful I go around just waiting for the axe to fall - because the Bible is clear that there will be challenges to grow us. Its not really living in fear...but I am always waiting. Sad, huh?

Rannyjean said...

Autumn I am sorry. I recently heard that if we expect little we will receive little or the axe to fall it will. Actually we are setting our own selves up to miss God's blessings and as soon as I find it again, I will pass it forward!