Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hey Reality TV, Come Visit Our Place...

I was thinking today on the way home from dropping the grandson and his best friend off at best friends home, how come it is reality television really isn't? So many of the shows are scripted and then when you learn that, they aren't worth watching.

But what is reality? The Kardashians, Paris Hilton, Kate & Jon plus 8 (no, she has a tummy tuck to make her look better), most reality shows are not reality. I have 241 followers and if anyone of them are millionaires, they have never shared that part of their life. It seems you have to have money, a huge home and even huge family to be what television considers reality.

So, I am calling on any network to come and be part of the real reality, a couple raising 3 grandchildren and doing a darn good job at it without millions of dollars, a maid, limo driver, manicures or pedicures. We make it by clipping coupons (not to the extreme), watching pennies, recycling clothes from one girl to the next, eating left overs.

But oh, that would be in your face reality television, a set of grandparents raising 3 grandchildren doing what they can to give them love, manners, respectfulness and an education all without an unending bank account.

I don't watch these shows because they don't appeal to me and I am not sure I would watch one of grandparents raising grandchildren, but it would be at least watching because maybe I would learn something.

I have oft times thought about contacting Extreme Home Make Over and asking them to redo our home, but what our family does to help others pales in comparison to those on the show. I make quilts for those in need, I always have a project going, my grandchildren help me tie and cut, but to me that isn't stand out enough for Extreme Makeover to get involved.

So, while realty television may be your cup of tea, I just don't get it. I want to be entertained and watching Snookie talk about her tan, just doesn't appeal to me.

Oh wait, I gotta run, I need a nap & that my friends is Reality.

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