Friday, December 9, 2011

Today Didn't Happen The Way I Planned

Here it is as I have been asked, the top of the king sized quilt. Unfortunately thanks to my fibromyalgia flare I am in the middle of today, this is as far as it got.

I am on my second pain pill since midnight and still in excrutiating pain, so it will sit here until hubby comes home and folds it up for me.

I was able to work on a smaller project and finish it today as most of it was completed yesterday and that is this cute little wall hanging for one of the kids teachers.

I copied the picture, because I am by no means an artist not can I draw a straight line, but I did it with puffy paints, put a back on it and sleeve and off it will go on Monday to a much deserving teacher for Christmas.

It is 16 x 16 with a Christmas plaid backing.

On a good note, my Fibro doc called me today for an evaluation, I hope this is good news!

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