Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Just Try to Find USA Products

So today, I am in WalMart and feel like I have nothing better to do than check the labels and see where there products are made. Sam Walton is rolling over and over and over again in his grave, very few are made in the USA.

Dritz Elastic? Made In China. Non-stick brownie pan? Made in China but I opted to pay more and purchased a Pyrex pan made in USA. Yesterday at JC Penney every shoe I picked up was made in China. Why are we doing this? Why are we purchasing products that support a country that is communistic and hates Americans? If we quit buying, the would have to change back to our country.

I lamented the other day that even our Girl Scout badges are made in China.

However, I went to the dollar store the other day and purchased dishwasher detergent...made in USA.

I love Ryka shoes and was disappointed to see they are made in China. They used to be made here, but the founder sold out to Brown Shoe Company and they have all their shoes made in China as far as I can tell. Brown Shoe company is also the parent company of Famous Footwear and are pulling out of our small town, leaving us to shop WalMart, PayLess or travel at least an hour away.

They are closing their doors, when relocating to a better spot in town would increase their business. They are closing their doors and not offering a job to their employees that have been with them for as long as 14 years.
Kicked to the curb like trash!

That is what is going to happen to all of us if we keep buying Chinese made products. This year I can honestly say my Christmas gifts to friends and teachers were...made in the USA! What has happend to our country? We are being sold out and selling out to China and while I hear many complain about it, I don't see many doing anything about it.

Our jobs are going to India, China, Mexico anywhere companies can open a sweat shop, pay a pittance to the peopl and not have to worry about insurance and benefits. They want our business and all the while they are giving us the business!

I decided today if I need things, I am going to check out my local antique and thrift stores first, I am pretty sure they will have more things made in the USA than WalMart, Penny or Famous Footwear!


Tammy, UK said...

Sorry to hear that but, you know, it is happening everywhere. We are to blame because we open our doors to the Chinese Students at our universities, then wonder what is happening. This is true, for here in the UK, only 5% of students are British. The rest is from Europe but a high percentage of students are Chinese. UK universities are willing to give spaces to these Chinese because they can may a much higher rate of fees and UK or Europe. Makes my hair stand on ends!!

shadowsmom said...

I agree with you so much.

Lorri said...

I agree with you! I wrote a paper last semester about the items made in the USA. part of the assignement was a class survery. Not one person would spend 50 cents more to buy American and create jobs in our country! They all agreed that the quality was poor and we were sending our jobs over seas, yet it wasnt important enough to keep them from buying China made goods. All made gifts this year were handmade,so was made in USA. But, Im sure the fabric was from China! Glad to see this post.

autumnesf said...

Oh Jean- a blanket statement that the Chinese hate us? I spent three weeks there and was treated better by all the people we met (strangers on the streets even) than any other country I've been in. That's like saying Obamas feelings and policies reflect how every American feels. The people are not the government so to say China hates us is just incorrect. Some people in China hate us. Does that make sense?

Quiltingranny said...

Autumn I did not mean to offend anyone. The fact remains China is communist, it is ruled by their government, the do use children for labor and they do not pay their workers enough. They do send us inferior products and there are many recalls on things they send over to us. Perhaps I should have said their government loathes us! I apologize for not making this sound correct!