Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post Your USA Finds

Yes, it DOES make a difference! Pay that extra money for a quality product made in the United States to keep jobs here!

Today, at Costco, here is what I found:

1. Duracell Batteries and Kirkland Batteries are made in the USA

2. Eden Pure Heaters are made in the USA...HOWEVER, Bionaire are made in China

3. Stanley tools, made in USA

4. Snap On's the most expensive tool on the market...sadly, made in China (at least the ones on Costco's shelves were)

5. All Costco furniture I saw is made in China.

6. Craftsman tool box made in Mexico

We are looking for a new heater for our home and while I can purchase several BioNaires for the price of the Eden Pure, I will pick an Eden Pure because it heats more area, remains cool to the touch and is made in the United States.

I understand living on a tight budget...but it won't get any better with us purchasing products from China and loosing more and more jobs overseas.

If you know of a great product made here, please let me know and I will list it!


Fiesta said...

I too have been doing my best to purchase USA made products. Calp halon and nordicware are made in the USA

Anonymous said...

Here in Australia, we have found that a lot of the tool brands (and powertools) make some ranges in Australia and some in China. The discount hardware stores stock the Chinese made ones.
Dorothy in Oz

Lorri said...

Where do you find fabric made in USA?