Friday, January 6, 2012

Walking Shoes Won't Make You Walk

I have always had a love affair with shoes and probably started long about sixth grade when a family friend gave me 30 pair of her gently used shoes in colors like yellow, green, red, purple and I was hooked!

I also have neuropathy in my feet, so shoes are hard to purchase because they may feel great one day and like walking on rocks the next.

I purchased a new pair of Ryka shoes because #1 I needed new shoes, #2 I loved the color. I wore them for an entire day and my feet felt great!

However, yesterday I was busy so I wore my boots and while my boots might have been made for walking, they aren't what you want to walk in for a power walk or walk around the block...unless it is pouring out.

Last night, I was sitting here and it dawned on me. No matter how may pair of shoes I have for walking in my closet, unless I put them on and step outside or on the treadmill, they are not going to help me loose weight and they are not going to make me walk. The only thing that will do that is ME!!

I am overweight, my health is is dire trouble if I do not lose weight and while I hate walking alone and have tried to incorporate people into walking with me, it isn't working. So, I must take it upon myself, pull my butt off my chair and walk on my own.

Anyone know of any really good downloadable free books I can put on my IPOD?

Gotta head out for the day, just remember we can all be thin if we put the effort into it. Today, I will walk!


Laurie said...

I found these sites previously for free audio books... great for short stories. for fantasy for horror for sci-fi

Unknown Mami said...

Just start walking alone. I promise you that you will end up loving the time to yourself. It is not just good for your body it is good for your soul. Try the book, "Walking in the World" by Julia Cameron it will help you with unleashing your creativity while you walk.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

OH MY YOU ARE SO RIGHT..... I have a brand new pair of walking shoes, a brand new pair of running shoes AND a brand new pair of the exercise shoes - the kind with the rocking motion. :o) and none of them have been worn even ONCE. I am telling you 2012 is the year.... Wish we lived close as we could walk wiht each other and motivate each other.

Melinda Cornish said...

I walk on the treadmill in the garage...I have to do it all the time or it is terrible trying to get back in the takes 14 days to make a new habit so just keep going and it will get easier......those shoes are made for walking...even in little bits to start.

autumnesf said...

Is it an iPod touch? The audio book apps go for days. I'm listening to dracula right now.