Monday, July 30, 2012

All Children Need This Training

You know, I am not exactly a true optimist, nor am I true pessimist, but my mom used to have a saying about 'going to hell in a hand basket,' and I seriously sit down in the evenings and wonder if we aren't doing that right now with the political, economic and other messes we are in.

Every time you turn on the news it seems another child has shot someone accidently or disappeared off the street and that is why when my grandson was invited to attend an overnight class on gun, knife and survival training, we said yes.  He was after all with one of our beloved church member and his wife on their property.

They learned how to look at and identify license plates, cars, trailers and find those odd things that would help police, how to use various things to determine height, how to safely handle a knife and a gun (dummies were used for guns) and how to get out safely and let an adult know when another child has a gun.

He came back feeling pretty confident and it was and is our hopes that should he ever need these skills they will be there as recall.

He also learned how to start a fire with a metal flint, how to put a fire out and make it cold and he became just a bit closer to the young boys at our church that are all the same age and either are home schooled or go to various other schools.

What a way to help empower them if they see something suspicious!


Sara said...

Sounds like an excellent safety training for kids. And it was probably fun too.

jennifer robin said...

Will you bring this training to the Chicago area. I will be the first one to sign my grandkids up for it!!

Quiltingranny said...

It was crazy fun Sara for the boys, they roasted marshmallows, stayed up all night, learned to identify cars and so many other things, how to get away safely from someone who brings out a gun to play with! Jennifer, I will let their trainer know!