Thursday, July 26, 2012

Aurora Donations

I understand summer is upon us and so many of you are extremely busy or not at home.  I just want to reiterate my original offer of helping you with postage if you want to make a quilt and are not in the position to pay for postage.

Right now, our total goal is 300 quilts (yes, I am more than confident that we can do this), I have 2 almost complete, someone else is a quilting whiz and has 3 done, another has 5 ready to go and not one person has asked for postage help.  If no one does, the money I receive, I will forward to Aurora to do with as they will.

I know many of us has UFO's we have not put together or maybe scraps that we can whip up into a quick quilt, these all count my dear readers.  We do not need to be elaborate, we just need to have them new and completed for giving.

Once again if you cannot, please don't forget to contact your local churches, quilt shops, fabric stores, college extension offices or even granges.  All of us know someone who quilts, knits or crochets.

I have contacted quilt guild members in Delaware, Washington DC, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Zealand and Australia.  

Please remember, you are not sending the quilts to me, they are going directly to Aurora, all I want is a picture so I can post it on the FB site:

In the meantime, my overwhelming thanks to the donor who donated $100 today to help those that can quilt. That was a leap of faith.  Please, I am just asking for 1 quilt from each of you who quilt!

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