Monday, July 23, 2012

We Need 300 Quilts - Aurora First Responders

Good Morning Everyone!  At this time, I am thinking we need at least 300 quilts to be committed to Aurora and I am so happy I have so many liking the FB site:

But, we can do better, I need my wonderful followers, readers and others to commit to making 300 quilts and I know we all have wonderful quilting blogs that far outreach the United States. I saw what we committed to during the Tsunami disasters.  We can do this, one or 2 or 5 quilts at a time!

I just had another emergency dispatcher contact me via Email and commit to several and one of those will be extremely special with well wishes from her department.  We have one that I know of going out today, several tops coming my way to finish, checks being sent for postage.


1- My name: is Jean Kester and you can find me on Facebook

2- My relationship to the first responders: Directly, none. Indirectly over 12 years of emergency police/fire dispatching for a small city in Arizona and I am now retired. My worst call was working a police officer involved shooting that devastated me and others.  It was not near this magnitude, but I will always be profoundly proud of the officers I worked with, the fire guys/gals I worked with and other first responders.
You can take me out of the dispatch department, but you can't take the dispatcher out of me!

3-Is this a scam?  If it were a scam would I have the quilts going to Aurora?

4- If it helps, while I am known as the Quilting Ranny here, I am known as the Quilting Dispatcher in other areas!

5- When do we need these by?  ASAP!!

DO NOT hand deliver these, please just mail them to the center, they have enough they are dealing with at this time, they don't and will not allow you to visit them!

I know quilters...we have stashes....stashes of fabric and stashes of UFO's...stashes of finished quilts so I know this is an easy thing for most of us to do! those hurting and in shell shock!

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