Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Hobby

Like I really need another hobby, however I signed up for a cake decorating class awhile back through our church to have something fun to do and to get me back out with other people as I have really become more and more sequestered away since I lost my job in November and avoiding people.

For those that might be concerned I may never get out, I go to the Y several times a week to do aerobics, I participate in scouting functions, but I really just don't go and hang out with the girls.  To be honest, I never have.

The closer class time came they more anxious I was becoming as I have taken these classes in the past and never been able to master flowers or roses and quit midway.  Our wonderful instructor told me she would not allow that to happen.

I learned things from her I never knew on how to probably smooth a cake and prepare it for decorations.  Did you know that Royal Icing flowers last forever?

So, here is my last cake for the class all ready to go for decorating.

Here is my final project all decorated with the roses I and leaves I made.  Sadly they were kinda smashed down on the way home (reminder to self to get a real cake taker) and I cannot wait to take the class again or at least to put into practice what I have learned and get better each time.

I also realized how much rainy weather affects the way frosting sets or doesn't set.

A new hobby!  Oh Boy!  But one that won't be used to much as I think the icing has a million calories in it alone!

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Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I've always admired those nicely decorated cakes. Good for you for taking the hobby up again!

If you just want to learn the decoration part and not necessarily EAT the cakes, can you frost a styrofoam cake-shaped form? I've seen them around but really don't have any idea where to get them.

How about doing cupcakes instead? Smaller items but you can still do the decorations. AND you can freeze them for later consumption!