Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Presto Pizzazz Plus

Presto has not offered me any perks for talking about this product. They did not give me this product nor ask me to endorse it.  I am endorsing it because I like it and believe in it!

We have a wonderful older gentleman that lives in our neighborhood and he has sort of adopted our family and surprises us with some of the most amazing things, like this Pizzazz Plus!

He picked one up for himself and liked it so much he brought us back one from Chicago when he was on vacation.

This is an amazing little cooker and we have used it to make homemade pizza and to heat up some bagels without having to turn on our oven and wait for it to heat up.  It also takes less time than a conventional oven and I feel safer using it than our microwave.

The Pro's I see with this is it can be packed easily in a suit case for using in a hotel or even in an RV without taking up a lot of counter space as the pizza pan is removable and washes easily.

The Con's I found is that when you plug it in, it is on.  There is no on and off switch so you must be ready to use it or someone may get burned if they are not aware of it, like I wasn't. However, my grandson warned me it goes on when plugged in.

The other thing is you want to make sure this does not stick out over the counter as the pan gets very hot.

All in all, I was blessed and I feel this product will save money for our family, who eat lots of bagels and today I cooked a small squash on it!

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