Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy, busy, sick

As many of you know, my son disappeared for several weeks, the story we are getting is very sad indeed and breaks my heart that his choice to live on the streets gave someone the perceived right to basically kidnap him and then dump him like garbage in a place where he was alone.

It started as what he believed was a trip to help him get disability, but he fell asleep in Bakersfield and woke up in Sacramento and the mysterious man known only as Don, told him if he got out of the RV he would shoot him so he needed to face the RV when he got out so he wouldn't be shot in the back. 

He was terrified. He said the RV hadn't been pumped and it stunk so bad, that he finally just got out of the RV to call and let someone know he was okay and the guy took off.  This could have been tragic, but I happen to have a friend who lives close and so many things were lined up perfect that we got him food, rest and a bus ride back home.

During this time, my immune system tanked and I came down with pneumonia and it has morphed into something on its own...the cough is horrible, I feel drained many days, I barely have a recognizable voice and I am exhausted.  Still, I do what I can during the day.

All this while in the midst of a move that has taken entirely too long to get moved due to not feeling well.

I so appreciate al your good thoughts and prayers and I promise, once I am settled and feeling better, I will be back to quilt blogging!


Sara said...

Prayers coming your way! Get lots of rest.

grandmarockton said...

Take your time you've been tested and Blessed