Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Minus 17+ Pounds and Have Lost My Taste For Sweets

Since December I have been on a one way plan to lose weight and do it healthy, so I started drinking lots and lots of water, 16 ounces in the morning when I get up, 8 ounces before lunch, 8 ounces during the day, 16 ounces with dinner and at bedtime.

I quit eating junk food and was shocked the other day when the scale showed I had lost 17.5 pounds. Not to mention I have lost 1" in my waist, hips and thighs!  I am a happy camper!

What I have lost is my taste for sweets and trust me that is huge as I was a chocoholic, sweet loving, had to have candy every time I went to the store type of person.

Lets not forget frosted pies, donuts, muffins and anything else that said sugar.

Then I started substituting Oikos Greek Yogurt* for an evening snack, grapefruit slices, oranges, fat-free puddings, sugar free puddings and jello IF I even snacked!

Friday evening we took two of the grands out to eat with two of the oldest ones friends to a local seafood buffet.  I started out with a salad and noticed hubby was getting his main course and the kids their 2nd plates and I was still enjoying the salad.

Then I went for fresh shrimp with cocktail sauce (skipped the fried shrimp), a tiny piece of amazing smoked Salmon, a small piece of fresh Cod, boiled potatoes (no butter). I relished each bite and each taste.

Then it was dessert time, I watched several senior citizens in the past so I decided to take a tiny sliver of sugar free chocolate cream pie and a tiny sliver of cheesecake.

The pie was amazing and no after taste, the cheesecake was awful, I couldn't stand the taste and trust me, no one loves cheesecake more than I do.  Hmmm, that was odd.

Yesterday I took the lone grandson to get fit for a walking boot and picked us up a Twix bar, I love those things.  Took a bite and it tasted stale or old, but I think it is my taste buds telling me, 'see, this stuff wasn't as good as you thought it was.'

Since we split the Twix, I gave the grandson my half minus the bite and he said it was fine.  

So, I guess when we are serious about changing our bodies seem to know what we should have and what we shouldn't!

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