Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Brighten Up Face Rejuvenator is Amazing!

Once again I find myself giving credit where credit is due. Today's product review is by Vasanti, a Canadian company that states on their website:
'Created by Canadian women and quickly becoming one of the most sought after Canadian-made beauty brands, Vasanti Cosmetics will get you glowing with their collection of active skincare and natural-looking makeup.

Staying true to its name, which means “of spring” in Sanskrit, Vasanti develops products to bring life and radiance to your skin through beautiful, unique colour ranges and advanced formulations blended with exotic natural ingredients.

Vasanti Cosmetics makeup and skin care products are currently sold online at vasanticosmetics.com birchbox.com, amazon.com, amazon.co.uk,  and in select high end Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada.'

Now anyone who knows me, knows I wear lipstick all the time, some blush, eye shadow & mascara rarely.  I was raised by a grandmother whose daily facial routine consisted of washing her face with a washcloth and Ivory soap everyday and then bathing her face in ice water.

When that was completed, she used Merle Norman moisturizer for years and then switched over to Estee Lauder probably due to not having Merle Norman near her home.

From there, she put on Max Factor pancake make-up which she swore by because my grandfather worked at Universal Studios as a movie extra and in security and swore it was the best! Then a bit of lipstick and she was done!

As I got older she told me don't wear make-up until you need to, you don't want zits or to look like an old lady and that advice, great genetics and I believe my crazy facial experiments when I was younger has kept my face pretty clear.

I also for years only used Ivory soap, ice water and Oil of Olay.  
My skin was taking on a rough surface look and really starting to bother me and I didn't want to have to wear make-up. I was using an Oil of Olay product, but it didn't seem to get the roughness off.

Last week, I received my first Birchbox and inside was Vasanti BrightnUP which is a Exfoliating cleanser with Papaya, micro-crystals and Aloe, is 99% natural has no sulfates or paraben.

I was skeptical to try it because my face is extremely sensitive and I worried it could cause some burning, but it didn't. I love the smoothness of this product as it feels like soft clay going on with just that bit of scrubbing.

I have used it five times now and my face is smoother and my husband asked me last night what I had been doing because my face seemed to shine! 

I received in my Birchbox, the small 20g travel size and it will be gone by the end of the week, however, you can purchase your own for $10 as the try it size or $34 for the 6 month supply if you find you like it as well as I do.

I had never heard of Vasanti, but signing up for Birchbox allows me to try things I never would have and this one was great.  

**While I am a Birchbox member, I have NOT received any compensation for this review from Birchbox or Vasanti and the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own experience.** 

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