Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hand Tying Is Going To Take Awhile

When I began quilting I knew nothing about it and I mean aside from sewing some squares together and making the sandwich, I was clueless!

All of my earlier quilts were hand tied or hand quilted as I knew nothing about FMQ with a machine, stitch in the ditch, etc.. and who knew about binding? I took my back fabric and made sure I had enough to use for folding to the front.

Its funny, when I look back at it because those are the quilts that are still adorning our beds in this home and trust me, they have been puked on kids and dogs so many times, they should have been rags by now from all the washing they get.

My 14 year old granddaughter believes her quilt which I made for her when she was 4 I believe is filled with magic because she hasn't outgrown it. I tell her it is filled with love and that is why.  It was six fat quarters sewn together with a fleece backing and I can't even tell you if there is batting inside.
The binding as you can see is nothing but the backing and I didn't even corner it off at the time, just folded it over and boy did I think it was something special when I finished it off with a squiggly stitch and hand tied it.
 Her sisters was a bit more fancy because I used one solid piece of fabric for it and hand tied it with the ties going to the back of the quilt.
You can tell these are well loved because they are still on their beds and trust me, they are their traveling, camping, spending the night quilt and they use them to watch tv.

Yesterday, I wanted to finish their dads quilt, it is denim, wool and flannel with a fleece backing. I did in the ditch stitching yesterday for 6 rows. I turned it over and realized the fleece had bunched up (my machine throat is to small) and was a mess.

So, this morning I have been ripping threads and when I am done, I will lay it on my bed which requires a step stool to get into so it is the perfect height for tying and I will tie his quilt.

With my arthritis, I know it is going to take at least a week, but I can usually get the kids to pitch in and help for about 15 minutes when I ask.

I know some of you are going...NO!!! Don't hand tie, but honestly, I don't own a long arm or a quilting rack and sometimes, doing things the 'old fashioned' way works best!

Have a great day!


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