Saturday, May 21, 2016

Thinking Outside the Quilting Lines

I really at times think I should change the name of this blog as it is more about our daily lives, than quilting anymore.

However, SURPRISE!!! Today it IS about quilting. Well, sort of!

Small Scale Quilting

 Since moving into our 5th Wheel and sending off all the spare quilts to those in need, God has truly been tugging on my heart to quilt.

I have been trying to crochet to fill the void, however, and no disrespect to those amazing crocheters out there, it is just NOT the same and I miss my cutting table, fabric, sewing machines so much and each time we venture to storage, I want to bring them all home and I cannot!

This IS to the best of my knowledge, a permanent move. A decision that I know was and is right for our family even if it has been extremely difficult due to what we have been through financially, mentally, physically and heart breaking!!! Sadly, it isn't over yet!

Throughout the entire ordeal, I have just wanted to quilt -or- go to Montana, but that is a story for another day!

As you can see, I decided somehow, I can quilt in a 5th wheel, I can make this work, so I purchased a very small 6" cutting mat on EBay, an 'Add a Quarter Inch ruler,' (also from EBay), then headed to JoAnn's and picked up 2 rotary cutters (Buy 1, get one free!! WhooHoo!!!) and a small bundle of fabric.

I hope to start out with something small and if anyone has any patterns, old quilt magazines you would like to send me with ideas, I am open to it.

While I have been invited to share in several guilds and organizations that quilt, I am just NOT sure I am ready to be a part of group at this time.

I still believe in my heart, God has THIS. Whatever THIS is and however it ends, my families life will never be the same, but God is so good and I believe quilting is my prayer line and my life line at times.


PCook said...

We have lived in a small motorhome and a somewhat larger travel trailer, and I've been able to quilt in both. You just have to think much smaller and more compact. I learned that I really don't need all of the gadgets that i thought I needed when I was quilting in our house. My Featherweight works on the table inside and goes outside in good weather for piecing - and helps make new friends as we go! Good luck to you.

JustPam said...

Best of luck to you with this new endeavor. I haven't been reading or blogging much and wanted to stop in and see what you were up to. What a difference! If you want to share, where are the kids? How are you adjusting to your small house living? I know what you mean about crocheting vs quilting. I have learned to knit, but it just doesn't make my heart sing like quilting and sewing does. I hope you get it all figured out!
Blessings to you,