Friday, May 20, 2016

We All Scream For Ice Cream -or- I Just Scream About Ice

Who doesn't enjoy ice cream? On a warm and humid day, we have our local faves up here that serve you a small cone that most places would charge you quadruple for. They are about 10" tall and you want to eat them before they start melting.

Honestly, I know people that just do not like ice cream for whatever the reason. My youngest son has sensory issues and he can't even look at a cone or a popsicle because it physically hurts his teeth.

Soooo, this post really isn't about ice cream, it is about learning to adjust to our RV full-time living and how to use a smaller fridge without freezing all my produce and meats.

An RV fridge (at least ours) isn't like the ones we have in a regular stick built/manufactured home. It has setting from cold to coldest which controls both the fridge and freezer.

In our case, my husband loves his ice cream solid, I like mine a bit softer so in order to keep his ice cream solid, the settings have to be  on almost coldest which much to my chagrin, freezes things in the fridge.

However, I have learned, inside the fridge is the coil and it works for both the fridge and freezer and you CANNOT place produce on the top shelf or directly under the coil or you wind up with rock solid strawberries, peppers, juice, etc..

If you are spending a week camping, it might not seem like much here and there, however, if you are a full-timer as we are and find yourself buying and then re-buying the same thing over and over again, you have to figure out the issue.

Luckily for me, my brother-in-law has been a full-timer for over 10 years. Talking to him last night, he enlightened me to the coil issue. Of course he had a great solution to his ice cream...he keeps his at his girlfriends house or goes out for ice cream when he wants some.

Then again, when he goes camping and wants company, he borrows his girlfriends dog so he isn't lonely and then returns the dog when he gets back.

I hope you find this tip helpful whether you are a full-timer, a snow bird or just a long term camper getting as frustrated as I was to why I was wasting more money with smaller shopping trips.

All in all, full-timing is an adventure in learning and I am still enjoying the adventure.

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