Saturday, May 20, 2017


I have isolated myself from the outside world lately. More and more I have a fear of opening my front door and even stepping out to take my dog outside.

What has happened to me? 

I used to be this vibrant, happy, life loving person and now I am a person who isolates.

What bring on depression, anxiety, panic and fear? Is it my age?

I clean my beautiful small home daily. When I am done, I sit and crochet and crochet and dream about where God is leading me in my journey.

This week, I donated 8 hats and 4 scarves to my church for a homeless project as well as a backpack and other items.

I have 10 baby beanies made for the pregnancy center.

I have another 3 beanies for the homeless shelter.

I am blessed to not sit idle. That I have something to do, to keep my mind from wandering from the past to the now to the future. 

Today, I have to remember to live in the moment, the here and now. I have to actually remember to take my medication for my diabetes and fibromyalgia and check off I took them. I have to remember to eat breakfast and lunch and check off that I did that as well.

Why you might ask? Why must such mundane daily tasks be logged?

Because, I suffer from depression and at times, I just forget to take my medication, I forget to eat because I don't remember things as well as I used to when I was healthier.

No one knows the pain of depression unless they have suffered. No one understands the triggers of PTSD unless they have suffered. No one understands a family members depression, unless they have suffered.

To one day be happy, have your life planned out, see your family doing well, making plans for their future, to get up in the morning in spite of pain, make breakfast, send the kids off to school, get chores done, shopping, plan snacks, dinner, go for a walk, feel the sunshine on your face and then "poof!" In a NY second it is all gone.

Gone is your life, the purpose you had for getting out of bed each morning. Gone is your home and you are left with your life sitting in a storage unit where you open the door and then close it because you have no idea what to do with the stuff. 

Check in today with a friend you know or maybe you suspect has depression. Call them and just say hello, how are you? 

Isolation is our way of not knowing what else to do. Not believing that anyone cares. Reach out!

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