Thursday, August 8, 2013

God Works In Mysterious Ways, Do Not Be Discouraged

Many of you remember I made a quilt for an expectant mom who lost everything in an apartment fire in a small town near me.  If not, here is the post I made when I completed the personalized quilt:

The mom was living with a woman who was trying to help her find a place and asked me if I would make a quilt for the baby. When it was done I tried several times to meet up with the woman in Olympia but we never did so I drove it 45 miles so the mom could have it.

Fast forward to today, when out of the blue I am checking my Email and receive a note from a lady all the way in New York wanting to know if this quilt was stolen or lost.
Hi - 
I was looking at the Goodwill auction site at quilts, as I am a quilter & sewer and sometimes buy old damaged quilts to salvage and make something out of them if I can. 
I came across a quilt on the website that had a personalized label on it and traced it to your blog.  I know how much hard work and personal time & thoughtfulness goes into quiltmaking and just had to contact you, in case the quilt was lost or perhaps stolen, which I’ve heard (unfortunately) is not uncommon. 

What got me was the recent date on it of May 2013 and it just broke my heart when I saw it.  I just thought, that in case it was lost, you might want to purchase it back.  I just hope & pray, that it wasn’t just given away.  The quilt label says:  “Kayden, made May 20, 2013, by Jean Kester, the Quilting Ranny. 
Here is the link to the quilt listing:
Quilts make people happy and I’m sure all the quilts you have made for others, have brought lots of comfort and joy. 
Good luck!
Syracuse NY
So, I check the link thinking it is a hoax and find out that it really is the very same quilt I made and it was given to the Goodwill.
I was shocked, hurt and devastated. To the best of my knowledge from what I have heard from someone else, this mother would not have donated this to Goodwill.
I have no real claim on this quilt, but I am doing my best to find out if the mother ever received it and I have a few people doing some digging.
But I do know it was donated to Aberdeen Goodwill, then taken out of the area to the Tacoma Goodwill and placed on line.  Meanwhile a quilter in New York finds this on line and researches to find me, sends me the link and the rest is history.
Wow!  I believe God wanted me to find this quilt and either keep it or give it to this baby and its mom.  Bless two of my old police buddies they are going to help me buy it back.
I tell you this because many times quilts are stolen and it is very important to always put a label on the back, but more over we have no control over the quilts we make, but sometimes God knows our hearts and He makes sure we are blessed!
God's hand was in this or how else would it have been discovered?
Never give up helping others, just know that God see's all the work you do!


Sewing Junkie said...

Hopefully this has a good outcome. I was on a quilting forum several years ago and a lady put out a request for donated blocks to benefit a sick child. She would quilt it and sell it on eBay. We never saw a finished quilt until someone spotted it on eBay in this woman's shop and her son was holding it in the picture. After investigating all this we found out she scammed many people to sell these quilts for her own pocket. Her son was not sick. She was called out on the scam and her site went dark. A month later she was on another forum with the same scam. So I sure hope your situation is on the up and up. Your heartfelt generousity to help someone is to be commended. Chris

Miz Karen said...

Amazing.God's Hand at work.